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Web Based CRM Solutions - Reasons to Consider Small Business CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has long been seen as a practice only for large businesses. A new crop of web-based CRM solutions is tipping the scales in the opposite direction, however, and smart businesses are capitalizing on this trend to gain a competitive edge. If you're a small business owner without a good CRM solution, you aren't just missing out on a good strategy. You're neglecting one of your business's most powerful advantages over its larger competitors.

As a small business adopting a realistic perspective, you're likely at several major disadvantages. You likely lack the capital, connectivity and assets to have the reach and earn the profits which you'd wish. You have a major strength, though, and that is your ability to nurture close, rewarding relationships with customers.

No doubt you appreciate your customers, as it is their business that keeps you in business. You're also likely passionate about what you do. After all, why endure the challenges of running a small business if not? So why not use your size as strength?

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Forming strong relationships with customers may be the key to distinguishing yours as the business to which they return. Offering your customers a quality experience can not only bring them back in the future. Think about the word of mouth factor. A delighted customer will surely recommend you to friends and family members.

CRM systems are the best tools for formalizing the objective. Many software packages exist to help with this task, but until recently, such tools have been expensive and prohibitive. The best tools are worse than useless if their prices are beyond the budgets of most small businesses. Furthermore, inexpensive tools that are poorly documented and require excess staff to install and administer might as well be just as expensive as are their competition.

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Fortunately, a new crop of web-based CRM solutions is beginning to level the playing field, placing such tools as contact management and lead generation into the hands of small businesses. Web-based or hosted CRM software features several key advantages over more traditional tools.

For one thing, CRM software is an on demand or available to anyone you authorize, from anywhere. Employees need not be tied to a single location to access their information, nor must your data be available only on a single computer.

Furthermore, hosted CRM is priced right for small businesses. Either the software is available freely and is served by an inexpensive web host, or a third party hosts it for you and provides necessary maintenance and upgrades. The latter is often available at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated desktop solution, and requires no extra staff to maintain and administer.

If your small business isn't using a customer relationship management solution then it is missing out on not only a key tool used by larger competitors, but is also neglecting one of its key advantages. Web-based CRM solutions are crucial in not only tipping the scales in your favor, but also in helping your business to embark on a pathway to even greater success.

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