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Vaccinations, Pandemic Travel + Wine With Dr. Nadeen White


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Dr Nadeen White

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Show Notes: About Dr Nadeen White

Are you nervous about taking a COVID vaccine?

Dr. Nadeen White was one of the trusted experts I followed throughout the past year of the pandemic. She eased my nerves and uncertainty and gave me confidence to the vaccine. In this episode, she’s share some of her expertise on the vaccine, COVID studies and tips for pandemic travel.

She’ll also share why travel is a part of her life, her travel style, and how she balances it with a career she loves. 

Meet Dr. Nadeen White. “Blogger by Day, Physician by Night”. She is the creator, editor & writer for the award-winning blog-The Sophisticated Life. She strives to inspire others to travel around the world by  sharing personal travel experiences and providing detailed travel guides. The Sophisticated Life covers affordable luxury travel, culinary travel & wine.

Dr. White is also an author, speaker and medical expert with coverage of international  travel recommendations, travel emergencies and the Coronavirus Pandemic as seen on CNN. In 2020 Dr.White will be serving as a brand ambassador for O, The Oprah Magazine. In 2019 Dr. Nadeen White spoke on Culinary Travel and Medical Travel topics at the Audacity Festival held by Nomadness Travel Tribe. She is also a bestselling author with the release of her travel Ebook series on Amazon.

We discuss:

  • Nadeen’s travel background and how her Mom inspired many of her adventures
  • Her role as a founding member of Black Travel Alliance and its importance in the travel world
  • How quickly (and positively) the COVID situation has turned around
  • Why I was skipping through the aisles of Costco – and what a major sign it is for life now
  • Reasons to get the vaccine (comforting for those nervous about it)
  • What the current studies and numbers are telling us
  • My reasons for getting the vaccine – it’s always about freedom and ending suffering
  • The challenges of people faking a vaccine certificate
  • Things to consider now if you are traveling – tips for safety and preparation
  • The complications to be aware of if traveling internationally
  • How Nadeen balances travel with a career she loves
  • How is it possible to travel to Greece for the weekend? (Australian Mind blown)
  • The beauty of travel in Australia
  • How people can discover Black or Brown Owned Businesses when they travel
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