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The Huawei Watch 4 has an unusual health feature the Apple Watch has yet to pick up


What you need to know

  • A Huawei executive claims the newly launched Watch 4 has a blood glucose monitoring feature.
  • Huawei says the smartwatch will alert the wearer when it detects irregular blood sugar levels.
  • The watch is said to achieve this topically by using specific health indicators that can be read in as little as 60 seconds.

Huawei claims that its new smartwatch has a non-invasive blood glucose tracking feature that uses only a set of health metrics and does not require any additional hardware.

Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s consumer CEO, posted a demo video on Weibo showcasing how the new feature works. It should be noted that the Huawei Watch 4 does not function to provide blood sugar readings per se; it only alerts you when it detects that your blood sugar level is high and you may be at risk of hyperglycemia.




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