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New Range Rover SV Bespoke Service Lets You Customize Everything


The 2023 Range Rover Carmel Edition in profileThe 2023 Range Rover Autobiography starts at $141,100 and comes in 23 colors — far more than most cars available this year.

To be fair, some variations are hard to tell apart — is that Carpathian Grey or Eiger Grey? Oh, it’s Charente Grey.

But the range of choices is impressive.

If you’re not impressed, though, your Range Rover dealer can now offer you 230 additional choices.

An interior color option in the 2024 Range Rover SV Bespoke program

Thousands of Combinations

Range Rover is launching a new customization program that has enough options that you could probably use it to design a one-of-a-kind Range Rover unlike any other in the world.

The company’s new SV Bespoke service offers “up to 391 interior material colorways and 230 colors.” But, if you can’t find the shade you want, you can send them an item, and they’ll match its color for an undisclosed fee.

The service is offered on the 2024 Autobiography and SV trim levels.

Our test driver found the current Range Rover “full of rich materials and premium features while offering a strong range of engines, standard 4-wheel drive, and outstanding off-road capabilities,” but noted that “it’s hard to ignore the rather exorbitant price tag.”

That’s true even before you start customizing. Unique options, Range Rover says, include “a range of near-aniline leather or sustainable non-leather Ultrafabrics in exclusive colors and perforations,” unique veneers with metal inlays or mosaic debossing, and customized graphics or messaging on seats and treadplates.

A ceramic gear shifter and mosaic trim available in the 2024 Range Rover SV Bespoke program

Other Automakers Do This, But It’s Pricey

The service is not entirely novel in the automotive industry. Porsche does something similar through its Exclusive Manufaktur program. Ultra-high-end carmakers like Bentley and Rolls-Royce offer near-endless customization as well. And Cadillac, with its upcoming Celestiq super-luxury car, has offered customizations through a design concierge service.

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But the move may be part of a new vision for the Range Rover brand. Its parent company, until recently known as Jaguar Land Rover, has changed its name to JLR and announced plans to turn several of its products into more defined brands, including separate Defender and Discovery showrooms. The plan may include moving Range Rover further upscale to compete with the Bentleys and Maybachs of the world.

2022 Range Rover

Power Increases for 2024

The British luxury automaker also announced a few enhancements coming to the Range Rover for 2024.

The available plug-in hybrid powertrain is getting a more powerful electric motor, bumping the total output to 542 horsepower (up from last year’s 434). The top-of-the-line twin-turbo V8 sees its power jump from 523 horsepower to 606.




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