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How to Hide/Show Field Based on Record’s View?


In this blog, we will learn how to hide/show a particular field based on the view’s condition. We can do this by using business rules.

Here Contact is an entity. Is Product (Yes/No), Product Detail these 2 are fields of contact. if the contact has a product, show the product detail else, hide the product detail. Is Product field will be Yes if the contact has a product otherwise, it will be false.

Below are the steps to create a business rule to hide/show product detail.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Customization > Customize the System.

  • Click on Customize the System; it will open a pop-up.

Records View-1

Step 2: Click on Entity and open Contact entity. And click on the Business Rules to create a new one.

Records View-2

Step 3: Configure the Business rule.

  • Business Rule: Give a proper name to the business rule.
  • Description: Write an appropriate description of the business rule.

Records View-3

A. First we will check whether Is Product is True or False. So for that, click on Condition in the properties and set a property that if Is Product is true.

  • Display Name: Write the display name of the condition.
  • Entity: Select contact entity.

Now set the rule.

  • Source: Select Entity.
  • Field: Select the field on which you want to check the condition here, we choose Is Product.
  • Operator: Select Equal
  • Type: Select Value
  • Value: Yes (Provide the value of the field)

Now click on Apply. It will look like the below image.

Records View-4

  • Now set action if the condition is true or false.
  • So if Is Product is true, then set the action to show product detail, and if Is Product is false, then hide Product detail.
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B. Drag Action (Set Visibility) to the correct and cross icon as highlighted in the below image.

Records View-5

Now Set Visibility in both cases of Is product is true or false.

i) If the Product is true, show product detail

  • Set visibility as shown in the below image and click on Apply.

Records View-6

ii) If the Product is false, hide the product detail

  • Set visibility as shown in the below image and click on Apply.

Records View-7

So after setting conditions and actions, it will look like as below.

Records View-8

C. Save and Activate the business rule.

Records View-9

Now on every record of contact based on condition, it will hide/show the product description.

So this is how users can create business rules to hide/show particular fields based on any conditions.


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