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How Often To Withdraw Affiliate Income For More Profit


  • “Money saved is money earned.”
  • “Your habits will determine how much wealth and happiness you will have at the end.”

Please think carefully about the above two quotes before you read the rest of this practical advice.

If you wish to achieve financial freedom with the help of affiliate marketing, your tiny habits and mindset will make a massive difference in the long run. A lot of these habits (good or bad) will be built subconsciously, and a few of them you will learn by reading from my experiences here at ShoutMeLoud or other creators.

Today, you will learn about one of the less discussed topics, “Affiliate withdrawal.”

How often should you withdraw your affiliate earnings? 

What affiliate withdrawal threshold should you set?

And some of those questions around the same topic, which you may need to consider. 

How does Affiliate withdrawal work in the affiliate industry?

The beauty of the affiliate marketing industry is that; once you do the initial process of signing up for an affiliate program and setting up a payout method, everything is automated.

After the initial setup, all you need to do is, drive more traffic, and you will be paid automatically based on your selected payout method once you hit the minimum payout threshold.

Unlike many other industries, most affiliate networks or direct affiliate programs do not require you to raise an invoice to get paid. This saves time and headaches and lets you focus on what you are best at.

When you are starting, you should get paid fast. As you would like to recoup your initial and ongoing investment, and once you get into that sweet spot of earning +$1000/month, it is time to optimize your affiliate marketing earning withdrawal behavior.

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Why & How To Optimize Affiliate Withdrawal Frequency and Behaviour?

Consider the cost of withdrawal –

Most affiliate networks or individual affiliate programs offer a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50-$100 and withdraw after a fixed period, such as on weekends or the first of every month. The industry has no set standard, and it varies from network to network.

As I mentioned above, when starting, you prefer seeing that money in your bank account ASAP. However, as you grow and your trust increases, you can consider a few factors to optimize your withdrawal settings.

The most significant factor to consider is the cost of withdrawal.

Depending upon the payout method, you will be paying some amount for every withdrawal.

For example, one of today’s most popular affiliate networks is, which charges USD 12 for wire transfers or 2% (capped to USD 20) for PayPal withdrawals.

The minimum withdrawal on is USD 20, and if you frequently withdraw as soon as you earn, say, USD 100, you will end up paying anywhere from 2% to 12% per withdrawal.

That’s a significantly high cost per withdrawal, and the point is over time such withdrawal cost adds up significantly.

As an intelligent person, you should consider these costs and optimize your withdrawal settings as required.

Let’s look at other factors that might help you make a better affiliate withdrawal decision.


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Book-keeping Headaches 🤕 –

Getting paid in USD and receiving funds in the form of INR, AED, GBP, or other local currencies increases the book-keeping due to forex conversion, calculation of withdrawal cost, and other factors. 

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When you withdraw your affiliate earnings frequently, you increase the number of entries. In some developed countries, the accountant charges you based on the number of entries, which you can optimize by configuring your affiliate withdrawal frequency.

The number of book-keeping entries may not be an important factor for developing countries where the cost of accounting is cheap in comparison to other countries.

Here are some of the top automated bookkeeping software’s for affiliate marketers:

Reliable Network Vs. Unreliable Affiliate Program –

When dealing with a new or unreliable network (which you will often do in your internet marketing journey), you should focus on withdrawing frequently (As soon as you hit the minimum thresholds).

This may go against the above two logic of withdrawal cost and book-keeping, as the probability of losing all the earnings with an unreliable network is high. So, it’s better to have that money in your bank account vs. optimizing for withdrawal savings.

Find a list of reliable affiliate networks here.

Optimize using the Payout method –

In my earlier guide on How to get paid in affiliate marketing, I talked about some of the top preferred methods of getting paid in the world of affiliate marketing. And I’m again reiterating in this guide as your preferred payment method is one of the prominent factors in lowering your overall cost of receiving affiliate earnings.

For example, my research and practice experience using Payoneer over PayPal for withdrawing funds reduces my withdrawal cost by 17-37%. 

Payoneer offers a better currency conversion rate and cheaper service cost for withdrawal over PayPal.

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Similarly, Partnerstack offers Stripe for affiliate withdrawal, which turns out to be way cheaper in comparison to PayPal.

Similarly, a few ad networks have started offering Bitcoin as a payout method, and it often is way cheaper for large amounts than any other traditional payout method.

Note: When we start our journey, we often use PayPal, but as you grow in this field, consider using other alternatives that offer better rates.

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Conclusion – Money Saved is Money Earned

Optimizing tiny habits, managing your money, and optimizing earnings, savings, and spending is one smart way to grow your overall income and eventually build wealth.

The cost of money transfer is staggering, and as your volume and earning increases, it will eat a significant portion of your profit. The sooner you optimize your withdrawal cost, these tiny habits will eventually compound to having more wealth over the longer run.

Do you have any more tips and ideas to optimise the fees we pay for withdrawal? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.




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