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How much time do you spend on dating sites?


How much time do you spend on dating sites?

If you’re even slightly interested in online dating, then you probably know that some users spend a lot of time on dating sites and applications. But have you ever wondered how much? Believe us, the numbers will surprise you! 

Today we want to share some interesting statistics about modern web dating, offer expert advice on how to make online dating more effective, and also recommend several online services that will help you find your perfect match. Let’s get started!

Revealing modern web dating statistics and expert opinions

Millennials spend an average of 10 hours a week on dating apps, according to research by the Independent. That’s almost an hour and a half a day. This is really a lot, given that so much time is spent on social networks, instant messengers and other web communication formats. The problem is that the majority waste this time, and are left with nothing, turning the process of finding their soulmates into a regular routine.

A similar study was conducted by specialists from Badoo. They surveyed more than 370 million users of their service and also came to the conclusion that the average user spends about 90 minutes a day on the dating site. However, there is a difference between men and women:

  • Men: 85 minutes a day
  • Women: 79 minutes a day

Another thing is also curious: users log in to the system on average 10 times during the day and stay online for about nine minutes, after which they log out. This is another problem in modern web dating. When you run an application several times a day, it is very difficult to objectively estimate how much time it takes. It may seem to you that you spend only 20-30 minutes a day on Tinder or Badoo, but in reality it can easily be two or three times more.

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Obviously, even one hour a day on a dating site or app is too much, and this time needs to be reduced. Many experts agree on this, so here are a few of their thoughts:

  • Licensed psychologist Wyatt Fisher says you should spend no more than 30 minutes at a time on a dating app several times a week. According to the doctor, this is enough time to find your true love and get to know each other well enough before a real life meeting.
  • Online dating coach Anne Marshall advocates a different approach — spend half an hour on the dating app every weekday, take a day off on Saturday, and return to the app for a few minutes only on Sunday evening. According to Ann Marshall, such a schedule allows you to distinguish between online and offline, not turn the search for a soulmate into a routine, and at the same time give it enough time.
  • Another online dating coach, Aliza Ben Shalom, believes that you should spend no more than 30-120 minutes on dating apps per week. In her opinion, the more time a person is in the application, the higher the risk of developing anxiety and even depression. Especially when searching for a long time does not give results.

As you can see, in some details, the opinions of experts differ. But in general, most agree that spending too much time on dating sites and apps is not the best solution. So you definitely won’t increase your chances of success, only become more dependent on dating sites.

Does dating effectiveness depend on the service chosen? The answer is yes

Considering that there are about 8,000 dating services in the world today, it’s very difficult, but extremely important, to find one that suits you. We decided to simplify the task a little and recommend several popular online dating services with good reputations.

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International cam chat and social media app of the same name. Registration is free, but you’ll have to pay to access all the features and functionality. OkCupid will appeal to active users of popular social networks who want to conveniently meet new people without leaving their favorite website. But you can also use a separate application without being tied to social networks — the functionality remains identical.

A popular webcam chat, where, according to the developers, more than two million people have already found their love. eHarmony uses a proprietary 32 DIMENSIONS® model that matches pairs based on a variety of compatibility parameters. To do this, you must pass a special test, honestly answering all questions. eHarmony can be recommended to those who are looking for serious relationships and are ready to devote time to searching.

Live cam chat, and part of the Match Group global dating network. An important advantage of Plenty of Fish is that many features are available for free, but for full use and disclosure of all features, you’ll have to acquire a premium account. Although POF doesn’t stand out as anything very special, it can be recommended to those who just want to try something new for a change.

Cam to cam chat for single parents who want to find a new love and turn the next page of their lives. In this regard, Stir is truly a unique platform for such an audience. If you are also a single parent, be sure to take a closer look at this service.

Random cam chat using a special Nobel Prize-winning matchmaking algorithm. According to the developers, they are constantly working to analyze the personalities of Hinge users as accurately as possible, to find the best matches for them. The algorithm does indeed work well, though not perfectly.

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Webcam chat service that offers its users a unique gender filter. The site connects men exclusively with girls, and each girl must verify their identity when registering. In this way, CooMeet effectively fights fakes, bots, ad accounts, etc. This internet resource is an ideal platform for men who want to communicate only with real girls, and not rely on the completely ineffective gender filters of other sites.

Another relatively popular live cam chat, with which you can find interesting people nearby or date users without reference to location. Hilly is largely positioned as a service for finding new friends, but it is also quite possible to meet your true love here. We recommend trying Hilly for those who are looking for a minimalist and easy-to-use application with no frills.

Make your time on dating sites work for you

Online dating services have become an integral part of the lives of modern people. Every third person on the planet has used such platforms at least once. About 17% of all marriages in the world today begin with online dating. 

And we are confident that this number will continue to increase in the near future.

Your task is to learn how to normalize your own time and not turn the search for your soulmate into an endless routine. We hope that our tips and recommendations will help you with this. We wish you only pleasant and promising interactions on the web. Good luck!




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