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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt


from the speak-the-truth dept

This week, our first place winner on the insightful side is Stephen T. Stone (who has a lot of wins this week) responding to the argument that Elon Musk’s attacks on George Soros are not anti-semitic:

It is anti-Semitic, however, to posit that George Soros is part of, or the mastermind behind, a decades-long multi-national plan concocted and carried out by Jews to “harm” the United States for some nebulous reason. People who believe in that shit know that invoking Soros’s name is enough to get the point across without having to explicitly say “Jews”. To wit: You talk of “how much Soros has harmed society” but offer no concrete descriptor of those harms and no explanation of how Soros is personally and singularly responsible for those harms. That you don’t mention a Jewish conspiracy to destroy America is largely irrelevant. You’re repeating the same coded bullshit as anti-Semites; that’s enough to make me think you have more of a problem with Jews in general than you do with George Soros in particular.

In second place, it’s Thad with a response to the notion that Twitter had to choose between blocking tweets at the behest of the Turkish government or being blocked in the country entirely:

That sounds suspiciously like free speech relativism to me.

For editor’s choice, we start out with a comment from Edwin Young that followed up on an initial comment suggesting Twitter shadowbanning Bellingcat might have been an innocent mistake:

Wrote that before seeing that interview where Musk triples-down on Bellingcat being a psy-op. 🙄 So it also seems highly plausible he directly ordered the whole fiasco. “Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence” but in today’s Twitter the two are so entwined who can tell them apart?

Next, it’s Toom1275 with a pretty reliable maxim:

There are no arguments against Section 230 that are not some variation of “I hate that innocence is a defense against frivolous lawsuits.”

Over on the funny side, our first place winner is once again Stephen T. Stone, this time responding to one of the more common types of pointless complaints in our comments:

That damned Forcing People To Read Techdirt device has struck again! Mike, I thought you agreed that you’d only use it once per month!

And Stephen took second place for funny too, but in order to give the comment the proper context, we’re going to go out of order and start with an editor’s choice nod to Junkyardmagic’s comment on our post about the 20th anniversary of the Streisand Effect:

Oh my god…

She didn’t just suffer the Streisand effect, it’s much worse. whenever anyone makes the same mistake her name is mentioned: the Meta Streisand Effect!

That brings us to our second place winner, which is Stephen’s reply based on one of the oldest South Park jokes:

I suppose that’s still better than the Mecha Streisand Effect…

Finally, our second editor’s choice for funny is another comment from Thad, with another handy maxim:

You don’t hire Charles Harder because your case has legal merit. You hire Charles Harder because it doesn’t.

That’s all for this week, folks!

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