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Cryptonews Weekly Recap #27 – Crypto Economy


Hello, crypto enthusiasts! It’s time to catch up on the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies. And, even though it hasn’t been a great week for the market, there’s always a good reason to celebrate: everyone’s already got their pizza ordered for Monday? But first, let’s take a look back at what happened this week.

Lido DAO has released its version 2 update, and as a result, the LDO token has seen a solid 10% increase. It’s great to see that despite some major cryptocurrencies being down, other projects are still super attractive alternatives for investors.

Unsurprisingly, we also had our dose of soap opera in the cryptocurrency world this week. CZ, CEO of Binance, stopped following Elon Musk on Twitter, leaving the cryptocurrency community stunned, and generating thousands of theories about the reasons.

In other really important news, the G7 has called for the approval of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), but what risks does this pose for citizens? It’s an important conversation as we navigate the future of digital currencies. And we break it down in THIS ARTICLE, so you’re forewarned of the great dangers these “Trojan horses” bring with them.


Moving on to our trading expert’s usual technical analysis, this week Ethereum (ETH) experienced a slight dip, but fear not, the overall uptrend remains intact. Will it hold strong at the $1740 level? Time will tell. Litecoin (LTC), meanwhile, has seen an impressive rise of over 16% on the weekly chart. What’s behind this sudden momentum? Stay tuned as we uncover the reasons behind LTC’s success.

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Lastly, Bitcoin (BTC) is under pressure due to rapid selling, with some experts speculating that it could potentially return to a value of $22.5k. As always, volatility is a key feature of the cryptocurrency market.

The cryptocurrency market is feeling the heat amid macroeconomic uncertainties. It’s a challenging time, but remember, with challenges come opportunities for growth and innovation.

By the way, a new Bitcoin Pizza Day will be held next Monday (May 22), commemorating another anniversary of the first time BTC was used to buy a physical good. Therefore, the whole community is getting ready to celebrate with different events around the world. And you, are you ready for the celebration?

That’s it for this week’s news roundup. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments in the cryptocurrency space. Happy investing and good week.




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