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Conflux Token (CFX) Retraces After 39% Gains In Seven Days


Conflux (CFX), the token powering Conflux’s high throughput, Tree-Graph powered layer-1 blockchain, experienced a rollercoaster ride in a whirlwind of price fluctuations. Last week, it tumbled to a low of $0.20 per token, leaving observers on edge. However, it managed to climb back up over the course of the week, reaching a level of $0.330.

However, the token has faced a downward trajectory in the past four days, resulting in a decrease of over 19% in price. CoinMarketCap data shows that CFX has dipped around 2% in the last 24 hours. Despite this recent dip, optimistic projections for its future price persist.

Conflux price has retraced in the past 24 hours: source @coinmarketcap
Conflux price has retraced in the past 24 hours: source @coinmarketcap

While it may have encountered some setbacks, Conflux has remained one of the top performers in the past seven days, impressively gaining over 30% during this period. Maintaining a position above the key support level of $0.295, which aligns with the previous week’s high, provides some stability amidst the turbulence.

What’s Driving Conflux (CFX) Growth?

Conflux (CFX) has been making waves with its remarkable on-the-year gains of approximately 1,700%. Naturally, observers are curious about the role of whales in this upward surge, speculating whether they are driving the buying and pumping of the token. While it’s a possibility, we can’t say for certain.

The impressive performance of Conflux coincides with the optimism surrounding China’s renewed interest in cryptocurrencies. As the country seemingly shifts its stance towards the crypto industry, there are hopes that Conflux will reap the benefits. The project has been actively fostering partnerships with various regional enterprises, positioning itself as a potential frontrunner in meeting regulatory requirements.

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Among its notable partnerships, Conflux has joined forces with Little Red Book, often called China’s equivalent of Instagram. This collaboration opens up exciting opportunities as Little Red Book’s massive user base of 180 million individuals can now showcase Conflux-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on their profiles. Additionally, Conflux has forged a partnership with China Telecom, further enhancing its presence and potential within the Chinese market.

Conflux, China Telecom Introduce Blockchain SIM Card

Conflux Network and China Telecom have unveiled the world’s first Blockchain SIM (BSIM) card, a mobile user identification card based on blockchain technology. The BSIM card, resembling traditional SIM cards, is compatible with Android and iOS systems and offers significantly larger storage space and computing power than traditional SIM cards.

The BSIM card goes beyond standard communication functions by generating and storing users’ public and private keys within the card itself. By employing a “private key never leaves the card” approach for digital signatures enhances security and reduces the risk of malware or virus attacks on mobile terminals. Additionally, the card provides encrypted storage and key recovery features and integrates traditional U-shield functions, making it a highly secure Web3 user terminal entry solution.

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This collaboration between Conflux Network and China Telecom showcases their innovation in merging blockchain technology with mobile user identification, introducing a robust and efficient solution for users in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What Next For Conflux (CFX)?

As long as renowned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to thrive in the face of global banking system concerns, Conflux (CFX) might also benefit from these favorable market conditions. Additionally, the prospects of significant financial easing from central banks, including the Federal Reserve, could further bolster CFX’s performance.

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Hong Kong’s recent decision to legalize certain cryptocurrency trades is a noteworthy development to monitor. This move is seen by many as a testing ground for potential crypto legalization on the mainland. Considering Conflux’s growing popularity and adoption in China, CFX stands to gain as a key beneficiary of this trend. The recent collaboration with a Chinese SIM card company further strengthens the optimism within the crypto community.

These factors collectively contribute to the positive outlook for CFX, as it rides the coattails of established cryptocurrencies, anticipates favorable monetary policies, and capitalizes on potential crypto legalization in China. At press time, Conflux was trading at $0.2962.

Conflux trading below $0.3: source @tradingview
Conflux is trading below $0.3: source @tradingview

-Featured image from, charts from CoinMarketCap and




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