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6 Tips for Staying Organized with a Mortgage CRM System –


Be honest — you can only do so much. Maintaining order is a challenge for any business, but mortgage lenders have their hands full between managing borrowers and tracking new leads. That’s why a customer relationship management (CRM) system is worth its weight in gold. Mortgage CRM systems help you stay organized and on track. Here’s how.

1. Use a Structured Pipeline

What is a mortgage pipeline? This is a basic strategy for tracking the progress of leads and borrowers from initial contact to final approval.

A mortgage CRM allows you to create and manage a pipeline as well as communicate with clients at every stage of the customer journey. Your community partners can also contribute leads to your pipeline, making it easier to gain new clients.

2. Use a Centralized Dashboard

Mortgage CRM systems allow you to manage your practice through a centralized dashboard. This puts your most important processes and data at your fingertips. From your dashboard, you’ll be able to:

  • Communicate with clients
  • Access important lending documents
  • Track the loan origination process
  • Review past financial data
  • Analyze marketing results

And because the entire system is cloud-based, you’ll have access to these features from anywhere in the world.

3. Take Advantage of Collaborative Tools

A mortgage CRM also keeps your team organized. Your employees will work more efficiently when they have access to tools such as:

  • A marketing control center for managing campaigns
  • A docs library for easy access to important files/forms
  • Communication trackers to record correspondence

With these tools, your team can get more done while maintaining a higher standard of efficiency and accuracy.

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4. Set Up Consistent Interactions through a Portal

Customers will also appreciate the convenience of a CRM. Lenders can offer a digital portal that allows borrowers to communicate and track their progress.

But this portal also ensures that you keep in touch with each client. Centralizing your messages means you never have to worry about missing a client’s question. It’s also easier than ever to send rapid replies, which strengthens your client relationships.

5. Use Marketing Templates

CRM systems help you spread the word about your practice. Not the creative type? No problem. Mortgage CRM systems offer pre-built content that includes:

  • Social media content
  • Website templates
  • Videos
  • Email marketing templates
  • Automated holiday, birthday, and anniversary ecards

Are you running a campaign with a partner? Mortgage CRMs also let you run co-branded campaigns for shared leads and referrals.

6. Check Out Analytical Data

What’s working? What’s not? The answer to these questions depends on your best available data. Mortgage CRM systems provide insight into things like:

  • Customer volume
  • Approval times
  • Revenue
  • Marketing conversion rates

Having access to this data will enable you to make well-informed decisions about the future.

Mortgage CRM Systems Can Improve Every Practice

The right software can make you more efficient and profitable. It can also reduce the stress for you and your staff. The BNTouch platform offers tools that help you stay focused and grow your business. Contact BNTouch today for a demo of these features.

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